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[92 August 2022] Visiting Researcher at POLIMI’s DAStU


Andreas will be researching at Milan Politeconico’s DAStU from December 2022 to March 2023 – DAStU - Polimi 

[91 June 2022] Co-edited GAM Architecture Magazine 18 published

Daniel Gethmann, Petra Eckhard, Andreas Lechner et al. (ed.): GAM Architecture Magazine 18, Berlin: Jovis 2022, ISBN 978-3-86859-858-2

[90 June 2022] Review of ‘Thinking Design’

Cameron McEwan: Peripheral Monuments: Book Review of Thinking Design - Blueprint for an architecture of typology by Andreas Lechner, in: Journal of Architecture and Urbanism, Volume 46/1 (2022)

“In ‘Thinking Design: Blueprint for an Architecture of Typology’ Andreas Lechner reassesses the question of architectural typology in relation to design research, practice, and theory. The book is organised into three extended chapters, entitled: Tectonics, Type, and Topos. In dialogue with the text are drawings of 144 important buildings from ancient times to the twenty-first century, focused on civic typologies. Each of those typologies incorporates a suite of 12 examples drawn in neat line drawings at a consistent scale. An enclosed booklet features design theses extracts by twelve students of TU Graz that illustrate Lechner’s approach to teaching and design. I reflect on each chapter and argue that Thinking Design offers an original theoretical reflection on the status of the urban periphery and opens compelling questions about architecture and architectural design research as a practice of critical inquiry.”

[89 June 2022] Featured in Cargo Newsletter CN 238

This website and the ‘Baroque Villa’ are featured in Cargo’s Newsletter 238 

[88 June 2022] E4 Studio Bachelor 3rd year finals 

‘15 Ecken, ein Haus’ Studio Elisabeth Koller & Andreas Lechner 
Crit w/ guests Sandra Janser j-c-k & Wolfgang Köck Pentaplan

© Kerstin Neuhold & Christina Radl
Thursday June 23 2022, Foyer Gebäudelehre Lessingstraße 25 / IV, 8010 Graz

[87 June 2022] Conclusion at Innsbruck’s Institut für Gestaltung – Studio 1

Seminar Building Typologies at LFU Innsbruck with students Daniela Aichner, Armin Azizi, Tina Emmerich, Luca Guarino, Selina Junker, Eva Längle, Andrey Lobachev, Michael Marhte, Laura Neubauer and Fabian Teufel we’ve been discussing pros, cons and possible futures of typological thinking in architectural design. The cover pages of the seminar papers feature 'impossible plans' – grafted hybrids that were produced before the actual seminar as introductory exercises and are now followed by the student's texts.

[86 May 2022] Andreas at Ortner & Ortner Baukunst Berlin

Andreas discusses his book with Markus Penell from O&O Baukunst and Jonas Tratz from FAKT at O&O Depot Galerie in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

Dienstag 10. Mai 2022 19:00, O&O Depot Galerie, Leibnizstraße 60, D-10629 Berlin

[85 April 2022] 3-year research grant ‘Counterintuitive Building Typologies’ awarded 

We just received information that the government funding for our 3-year research project CBT –Counterintuitve Building Typologies has been granted!︎︎︎See the announcement on the homepage of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) here – Acronym “CBT”!  

[84 April 2022] 11th DARA-Symposium Design and Research in Architecture and Landscape 

Andreas is keynote lecturer & peer reviewer at 11th Symposium Design and Research in Architecture and Landscape – “Products” upon invitation from Prof. Dr. Margitta Buchert.
︎︎︎Program PDF

21st – 23rd April 2022 - Architecture and Art 20th/21st Centuries
Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences, Leibniz Universität Hannover

SE Vertiefung Gebäudelehre in Innsbruck


Lecture & Book presentation in Innsbruck: "Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre" von Andreas Lechner am Institut für Gestaltung, Gestaltung 1 LF-Universität Innsbruck

Dienstag, 05. April 2022 14:00
Foyer Gestaltung 1
Technikerstrasse 21
6020 Innsbruck
Gestaltung 1 

[83 March 2022]

Panel Discussion at Magazin Vienna

Andreas participates in a panel discussion on the occasion of Giacamo Pala’s exhibition TRANSforming at the Vienna MAGAZIN architecture gallerywith Giacomo Pala and Anna Paul. 

Saturday March 19, 7pm
Magazin - Space for Contemporary Architecture
Weyringergasse 27/i, 1040 Wien 
[82 March 2022]

University of Innsbruck

Andreas teaches a Gebäudelehre–elective in Innsbruck’s architecture master upon invitation from Institut für Gestaltung’s Andreas Flora 

847189 SE Advanced Building Theory
[81 Feb 2022]

Book launch & discussion 


On the occasion of the publication of the English first edition and the German second edition of his book "Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre", Andreas Lechner discusses with the two new design professors Matthias Castorph and Alex Lehnerer their approaches to design, teaching and research at the TU Graz Faculty of Architecture (in German). 

Mittwoch 2. März, 19:00 HDA - Haus der Architektur Graz 

[80 Feb 2022]

Guest critic

Master studio “Welten III - Bodybuilding”
Professur Integral Architecture: Anne Femmer & Florian Summa
Critics: Lena Unger, Alex Lehnerer, Andreas Lechner
January 25 2022, 9:00

[79 Jan 2022]

Lecture on ‘Counterintuitive Typologies’


Andreas Lechner: Counterintuitive Typologies
TU Graz, Architectural Research Lecture Series, Webex

Thursday January 20 2022 | 19:00
Lecture series 
[78 Jan 2022]

Midterm crit

Master studio “Education of an Architect” (Counterintuitve Typologies 2) with guest critics Alex Lehnerer & Daniel Gethmann
[77 Dec 2021]

Book released

Andreas Lechner
Thinking Design - Blueprint for an Architecture of Typology 

Park Books, Zurich: 2021
ISBN 978-3-03860-246-0

︎︎︎Park Books

[76 Nov 2021]

Second revised german edition released

Andreas Lechner:
Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre
Zweite überarbeitete u. aktualisierte Auflage,
Zürich: Park Books 2021
ISBN 978-3-03860-266-8

︎︎︎Park Books  

[75 Nov 2021]


Daniel Gethmann, Petra Eckhard, Andreas Lechner et al. (Hg.): GAM Architecture Magazine 17 – Wood. Rethinking Material, Berlin: Jovis 2021, ISBN 978-3-86859-663-2
︎︎︎GAM Architecture Magazine
[74 2021]

Guest critic

Cal Poly Pomona, California
Department of Architecture - B.Arch senior projects upon invitation from Katrin Terstegen.

[73 2021]


Competition - Feuerwache Dietrichsteinplatz
Fire station in the historic center of the City of Graz

[72 2021]

Research - seed funding

TU Graz Anschubfinanzierung
Project “Counterintuitive Typologies” granted

[71 2021] 

Guest critic

Midterm “Niederschlag”  
Master studio Alex Lehnerer, Raum und Gestalt TU Graz

[70 2020]


Baroque Villa Extension / Landhaus Stift Rein featured on landing page of Austrian architecture database

[69 2020]

Book review published

Review of: Stanislaus von Moos / Martino Stierli (eds.): Eyes That Saw – Architecture after Las Vegas, New Haven/Zurich: 2020, in: GAM Architecture Magazine 17 Wood. Rethinking Material, Berlin: Jovis 2021, pp. 273-276.

[68 2020]


Gold Medal for "Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre"
Best Book Design from all over the world 2020

[67 2020]


Daniel Gethmann, Petra Eckhard, Andreas Lechner et al. (eds.): GAM 16. gewohnt: un/common, Berlin: Jovis 2020
︎︎︎GAM Architecture Magazine

[66 2020]


Building a Palimpsest - master studio with visiting professors TEd‘A arquitectes 

[65 Sept 2019]


Master studio Grottenhof

[64 2019]


Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre“ awarded Best Book Design in Austria 2018.

Auszeichnung „Schönste Bücher Österreichs 2018“

[63 2019]  


Daniel Gethmann, Petra Eckhard, Andreas Lechner et al. (eds.): GAM 15. Territorial Justice, Berlin: Jovis 2019, english/german.
︎︎︎GAM Architecture Magazine
[62 2019] 


Andreas Lechner: “Introduction Dossier Joost Meuwissen”, in: Daniel Gethmann, Petra Eckhard, Andreas Lechner et al. (eds.): GAM 15. Territorial Justice, Berlin 2019, p. 214.
[61 2019] 


for Teaching Excellence Prize
„Exzellente Lehre“, TU Graz 2017/18
[60 2018]


Master Studio Jakominimarkt 
with guest professor Job Floris (Monadnock, NL)
[59 2018]


Andreas Lechner: "There are a lot of architects, we're all good",
in: Armin Stocker, Petra Kickenweitz, Ziga Kresevic (eds.): YOSTAR – Young Styrian Architecture, Graz: Verlag der TU Graz 2018, p. 20–25.

[58 2018]


Daniel Gethmann, Petra Eckhard, Andreas Lechner (eds.): GAM 14. Exhibiting Matters, Berlin: Jovis 2018, english/german.
︎︎︎GAM Architecture Magazine 
[57 2018]  

Lecture, book presentation

Andreas Lechner ‚Tektonik, Typus, Topos – Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre‘, invited lecture at ÖGFA - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Architektur, Wien 27. April 2018

[56 March 2018] 

Book presentation

‚Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre‘
Haus der Architektur Graz, March 5 2018.

[55 2018] 


Andreas Lechner: Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre, Zurich: Park Books, 2018
ISBN 9783038600688 – sold out 

[54 2018]


,Überlegungen zum Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre’ Inaugural lecture, TU Graz January 17 2018
[53 2018]


Project ,Baroque House Extension‘ featured in Divisare Journal 187
[52 2018]

Peer reviewer

Cort Ross Dinesen, Inger Berling Hyams, Morten Meldgaard, eds. Architecture Drawing Topology, AADR Art Architecture Design Research, Baunach: Spurbuch 2018.

[51 2017]


Inauguration of new studios at TU Graz architecture department, moderation of panel discussion, October 06 2017.
[50 2017]


Andreas Lechner: Überlegungen zum Entwurf einer architektonischen Gebäudelehre, Habilitation, Technische Universität Graz, 2016

External reviewers:
Prof. Dietmar Eberle, ETH Zurich;
Prof. Dr. Elli Mosayebi, TU Darmstadt; 
Prof. Anne-Julchen Bernhardt, RWTH Aachen 
[49 2016] 

Group Exhibition

Unfolding Pavilion, 15th Architecture Biennial Venice 26.05.2016: Andreas contributes to the cabinet of curiosities of Daniel Tudor Munteanu (Ofhouses), set up within the Unfolding Pavilion at Ignazio Gardella’s Casa alle Zattere on the occasion of the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.
[48 2016] 


Project Baroque House Extension
featured on Divisare frontpage
[47 2016]



Project Baroque House Extension featured on Subtilitas
[46 2016] 

Presentation / Final Crit

Invited critic at Genoa Summer School 3
at Jørn Utzon’s Can Lis House, Portopetro, Mallorca / SP

September 17 2015; Università di Genova, Scuola Politecnica, Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Architettura & The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.
[45 2015]


‚Prospective Archeologies‘, in: Vittorio Pizzigoni, Valter Scelsi (eds.): Psychiatric Hospitals, Genoa: Araldica 2015, pp. 72-77.
[44 2015]  

Peer reviewer

for Nordic Journal of Architecture, No. 4 vol. 5 (2015)
[43 2015]

Guest professor & lecture

“Contingent – Types and Typologies”, lecture in the course of Genoa Summer School 2, Università di Genova, Scuola Politecnica, Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Architettura, July 25 2014.
[42 2014]

Invited Curator for ofHouses

Guest Curator for ,of Houses‘, an exquisite online platform for old forgotten houses, initiated by Daniel Tudor Munteanu. Andreas was invited to contribute with a collection of forgotten houses, and selected ten residential projects from 1960-1990, Exhibition Oktober 27 - November 16 2014.
[41 2014]


Master studio “Campus Halıç Tersanesi” exhibited at 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial ,The Future Is Not What It Used To Be‘, Kadir Has University Istanbul
[40 2014]

Research / Lecture

Start of the regular lectures series ,Entwurfsaspekte Gebaeudelehre‘ in the architecture master programme – 12 lectures on and against building tyologies, TU Graz.
[39 2013]


Andreas Lechner: ,Topology - On the Design of Contemporary Landscape‘ (Conference Review ETH Zurich), in: JoLA, (=Journal of Landscape Architecture) 15 (2013), p. 89. (reviewed) [38 2013]  

Moderation / Panel

Breaking New Ground – 25 years European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe’ - Moderation of panel at Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz, November 5 2013.
[37 2013]


Hans Gangoly, Andreas Lechner, eds. Dense Cities – Forschung und Lehre zu Architektur und Stadtverdichtung am Institut für Gebäudelehre 2009 – 2012, Graz: Verlag der TU Graz, 2013. [36 2013]  


Hans Gangoly, Kersten Geers, Andreas Lechner, eds. The Urban Paradox – Architecture Without Content, Graz: Verlag der TU Graz 2012, ISBN 978-3-85125-235-4, english/german [35 2013]  


Hans Gangoly, Andreas Lechner (eds.): Alexandra Isele – Stadthäuser. Ein Segment von Eisenerz als Möglichkeitsraum. Graz: Verlag der TU Graz 2013 [34 2013]  


Andreas Lechner: ,Vor der Stadtkante - Dense Sprawl?‘, in: Hans Gangoly, Andreas Lechner, eds. Dense Cities – Forschung und Lehre zu Architektur und Stadtverdichtung am Institut für Gebäudelehre 2009 – 2012, Graz: Verlag der TU Graz 2013, pp. 68–71. [33 2013]  


Andreas Lechner et. al: ,Herausforderungen der architektonischen Integration von Solartechnologien‘, in: Erneuerbare Energie, 1 (2013), p. 28–31. (reviewed) [32 2013]


Interviewee, in: Matthew Barac: ,Pedagogy - Graz University of Technology‘, Austria, in: AR - The Architectural Review, July (2013), p. 108-109. [31 2013]

Panel discussion

San Rocco #5 – ,Scary Architects‘, panel discussion & book presentation at  Salon für Kunstbuch, 21erHaus, Vienna October 03 2012. [30 2012]


Andreas Lechner: “Determining Indeterminacies”, in: San Rocco, 5 (2012), pp. 136–142. [29 2012]  


“The Urban Paradox”, Stadtmuseum Graz [28 2012]  


“Dense Cities”, Forum Stadtpark Graz [27 2012]


GAM 08, Dense Cities – Architecture for Living Closer Together, Vienna/New York: Springer, 2012, ISBN 9783709110584, english/german. [26 2012]  



Andreas Lechner: ,Solar Energy in the City – Analysis and Evaluation of Economic, Energy and Architectural Quality in Urban Solar Energy Buildings (two-year research project)‘, in: GAM. Achitecture Magazine, 10 (2012), Vienna/New York: Springer 2012, p. 313-314. [25 2012]


,Visualizing Architectural Qualities in Solarthermal Integration‘, presentation at IEA SHC Task 41 Solar Energy and Architecture, 6th Task meeting, Melbourne September 26 2011. [24 2011]


‘European Agriculture & Energy Park Graz‘, lecture Europan 10 – 1st Prize, Haus der Architektur Graz, February 17 2011. [23 2011]


Europan 10 - winning project „EU-AE Park“ in exhibition ,Europan 10 - Inventing Urbanity‘, Haus der Architektur Graz. [22 2011]


Maria Amtmann, Andreas Lechner et al.: ,Analyse und Bewertung der energetischen, ökonomischen und architektonischen Qualität urbaner Solararchitektur‘, in: Wettbewerbe, 297/298 (2011), p. 12–15. (peer reviewed) [21 2011]


Thomas Mach, Andreas Lechner et al.: ,Aktive solarthermische Systeme in der Sanierung‘, in: Proceedings 21. Thermische Solarenergie 2011, p. 266–267. (peer reviewed) [20 2011]


Andreas Lechner: ,Werbung ohne Bedeutung – Superflat Surplus‘, in: UmBau, 25 (2010), pp. 108–120. (peer reviewed) [19 2010]


Andreas Lechner: ,Zur sinnlichen Materialität von Beton in Fassade und Gebäudehülle, in: Haus der Architektur (ed.): Haus der Architektur Reader 2010, Wien: Metroverlag 2011, pp. 52–54. [18 2010]


1st Prize Project ,European Agriculture & Energy Park Graz‘, in: Europan Europe (ed.): Europan 10 - European Results - Inventing Urbanity, pp. 77-78. [17 2010]


,EU Agriculture & Energy Park Graz‘, invited lecture at Europan 10 - Forum of Results, Neuchâtel (CH), May 28 2010 [16 2010]

Exhibition design/curation

‘Intensive Oberflächen’, exhibtion of master studio works / concrete trophy competition, at House of Architecture Graz, [15 2010]

Exhibition design/curation

,open lab‘, exhibition design institute for design and building typology‘s contribution to sustainability in architecture and building scienes, TU Graz / Dom im Berg. [14 2010]


,Body sieves‘, workshop lecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen May 11 2009. [13 2010]


Andreas Lechner: ,The Standardization of the Nonstandard, or the Depth of the Surface‘, in: GAM. Architecture Magazine 06, Vienna/New York: Springer 2009, pp. 70–85. (peer reviewed) [11 2010]


Andreas Lechner: ,Façades between Blank Typologies & Energy Generation‘ in: GAM. Architecture Magazine 06, Vienna/New York: Springer 2009, pp. 313–31 [10 2009]


Doctoral Dissertation: Architecture & Superflat Spaces, Diss. Technische Universität Graz, 2009 [9 2009]


,Superflat Architecture – Image Economy between Digital Production and Pattern Recognition‘, upon invitation from Prof. Dr. Ullrich Schwarz, architecture theory lecture series, HCU Hamburg, December 11 2008 [8 2008]


,Architecture & Superflat Spaces‘ lecture/presentation - Doctoral School TU Graz,  June 20 2008. [7 2008]


Hans Gangoly, Andreas Lechner et al. (eds.): Sibiu – Materialien zu Schwerpunkten am Institut für Gebäudelehre, Graz: Verlag der Technischen Universität Graz, 2008 [6 2008]


Andreas Lechner / Tiz Schaffer: ,Selbst ist der Architekt‘, Falter 42/2007 [5 2007]


Andreas Lechner / Tiz Schaffer: ,Kunst und Kommerz‘, Falter 45/2007. [4 2007]


Andreas Lechner: “Annäherung an raumbezogene Identität”, in: Forum Stadtpark: Jahrbuch 2000, Wien: Edition Selene 2001, p. 13–19.
[3 1999]


Andreas Lechner, Petra Maier (ed.): Stadtmotiv, Wien: Edition Selene 1999
[2 1999]


Andreas Lechner, Petra Maier (ed.): Gaze 01, Graz: Forum Stadtpark 1998
[1 1998]

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